Letters to the Editor

Read the paper and you can know what you’re getting into

This is not about liberal, conservative or personal. It’s an observation.

Once upon a time, I was considering relocating to the Dallas area, so I subscribed to the Dallas newspaper, paying special attention to the Local section. It seemed like a nice place to live. Things didn’t work out, but I’m always surprised by people who relocate to the Grand Strand and who don’t do the same research.

Read the opinion pages:

People move outside the Speedway, then complain about the noise.

People move outside the airport, then complain about the construction.

People complain about helicopter tours, highway litter, and traffic (ever driven in N.Y., N.J., or D.C.? That’s traffic!). And every one of these gripes appears in The Sun News over and over.

Had I read this kind of negative coverage from Dallas’ paper, I never would have considered going there. Just sayin’.

The writer lives in Little River.