Letters to the Editor

Giant call center not best fit for area

The recent red flag editorial on the proposed “Project Blue” call center (Sept. 7, “Lift the Veil on Job Incentives”) has raised even more questions and suspicions for me.

So we don’t do anything to keep the top executives of AVX here, but we offer $1.25 million to what sounds like a fly-by-night new business to set up operations in the already crowded Carolina Forest area with the promise to create 1,000 telephone operator jobs?

Oh, and the guy who wants to take our upfront money is an ex-con who tried the same scam in Hickory, N.C., and failed? Oh, and he wants the money for very transportable furniture and computer equipment? Can you spell Midnight Mayflower Move? How did this guy ever get past the receptionist?

Now I know that our $100,000 per year economic development guy is desperate to do anything to get some new jobs here, but this is not the way to go. I thought they were looking for manufacturing jobs, not low paid service jobs. If the unemployed furniture workers of Hickory couldn’t do these jobs, what’s going to happen when our beachy work force takes off for the winter? My take is that jobs here go begging for people who are capable and willing to work. Where will they find 1,000 capable new employees?

Now why Carolina Forest? How are they going to accommodate 1,000 cars around the clock seven days per week? I think we are worshiping the false god of one big concentrated business operation. That is so yesterday. We are a thriving tourism and retirement town. We are a service industry town. We just need to continue to address our local traffic problems (not I-73), so that existing businesses will expand or spawn start-ups.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.