Letters to the Editor

World-Am tournament unfair when it comes to handicaps

I would like to share my experience at the World-Amateur golf championship. This was my fifth year attending this tournament and I was assigned an 8 handicap. Our (Flight 19) first day we played at Burning Ridge and I shot a 77, the second day we played at the Fazio Course in Barefoot Landing and I shot a 78.

That night the handicap committee lowered my handicap to a 7. The third day we played at Blackmoor and I shot a 79. Later that day the handicap committee called me to inform me that I was disqualified for shooting below my handicap index three days in a row.

I started playing golf at a late age of 39. I always thought that the objective of this game was to get the lowest possible score. I have always tried to promote this tournament and say good things about it. Now how do I promote this tournament?

The writer lives in Pittsburgh, Pa.