Letters to the Editor

Why I’m voting for President Obama

If each of us were completely honest with ourselves, we would admit that we don’t agree with every stance or issue espoused by either candidate in this year’s presidential election.

At the end of the day we will more than likely vote for the one who most favorably “fits” our own priorities and basic values.

Having done that comparison to the best of my ability in terms of trying to filter though the rhetoric and the spin by both parties, I have decided that I will vote for President Obama.

l. His signing of the Ledbetter “equal gender pay for equal work” guaranteed that my granddaughters will not be discriminated against in the workplace because of their gender.

2. I know that because of the Affordable Care Act my seven grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be able to stay on their parent’s health insurance until age 26; which will be a big help to them financially and health wise while getting their feet under them as they move from high school into college or other avenues of adulthood.

3. I know that because of the Affordable Care Act none of my children, their spouses or my grandchildren will be denied health care coverage because of a pre-existing health condition; nor will all of the above stop receiving coverage when a certain dollar cap is reached. This will be especially important as my one granddaughter faces what probably will be very expensive medical protocols to repair her heart.

4. Pell grants that helped my kids get though their time in college won’t be available if President Obama is not re-elected.

5. The Romney/Ryan camp is saying that President Obama is cutting Medicare by $716 billion, which will hurt seniors. This is totally untrue. The $716 billion cut is money that will be taken from subsidies now being paid out of Medicare to greedy and self serving insurance companies; this reduction will not impact what my wife and I will get.

6. I am proud of the fact that it was under the president’s watch that Osama Bin Laden was killed.

7. The president is slowly but surely getting rid of the $3.7 trillion (and growing) debt resulting from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, in addition to the thousands of dead and wounded men and women who have served there.

8. Without Obama’s action, we would not have a viable and profitable car industry in the U.S. and the thousands of supporting industries all across the country.

9. Without his actions, the money grabbing and greedy banking system would still be rolling over people and taking people into home foreclosures. Leaving the banks unregulated as Romney/Ryan would do is like allowing the fox to get into the hen house — all the chickens would be dead!

10. The president got rid of the military “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Now, all who want to serve their country can do so not based on who they love, but because of their love of country.

11. While the Romney/Ryan bunch claim to be the job creators, the president has, by his actions, already created more private sector jobs during his first term than was created during all eight years of Bush.

In closing I am voting for the re-election of President Obama because he believes that in order to be a responsible member of the American society you should be committed to passing on the opportunities that you have been fortunate enough to enjoy to others who are seeking and deserving of those same dreams, same aspirations and same chances of a good and productive life.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island