Letters to the Editor

The uninformed populace

In today’s Sun News, Aug. 31, there is a piece by William Douglas of McClatchy Newspapers correcting errors in Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech. His corrections are biased and not correct in context. He states that Obama did not gut Medicare with the $716 billion that he took from it to fund the Affordable Care Act because he instituted changes to Medicare that were projected to save $716 billion over 10 years. What were those changes?

Those changes as stated in his piece are saved from cuts in the payments to Medicare providers and to insurance. Have you talked with your doctor and asked him or her if you would still be their patient next year? I have and the answer was no! I urge all of you to find out for yourselves! Doctors and hospitals are not happy with their payments now.

What will they do about the 30 percent reduction in their fees? Will they still accept you?

The other cut is to the Medicare Advantage Plans, affordable solutions to supplement Medicare and they can include a prescription drug plan with it. What will we replace this with? A more expensive supplement will probably be the only option! With these cuts the life of Medicare will be extended for a long, long time because we won’t be able to find providers to treat us and bill Medicare or we will have to buy expensive health care policies to make up the difference, if they are available.

In another correction, he corrects Ryan’s statement that the president formed a bipartisan presidential commission to recommend ways to cut the federal budget and took their report and did nothing. He says that Ryan helped to block the recommendations from being voted on in Congress and shares the blame! What has that got to do with the president doing nothing? The truth is that Ryan did vote against those recommendations and the vote for was three votes short of the 14 needed. Is it just me that thinks it is the job of a president to lead the way to compromise and not just do nothing with the 11 to 7 vote of your appointed commission?

This is a president that had two years with a majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives and what do we have to show for it? His answer to the other side and their objections: We won!

What do we have to show for his presidency? Few jobs, no transparency, one budget that did not receive a yes vote from either party, a health care bill that will deprive seniors of health care and a soon to be $16 trillion debt?

I opposed the election of President Obama and I was very right in my opposition, but I hoped after the election of our first black president that it would be a success, unfortunately it was not. My opposition had nothing to do with the color of his skin and all to do with the content of his character, his ideology, and his inexperience.

Please go to the trouble to become informed and to think about the consequences and effects of your choices before voting! We cannot afford any more mistakes.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.