Letters to the Editor

Defense of Clemmons betrays true feelings on voter ID

Re Aug. 31 editorial, “Reply in Poor Taste, but not Racist”

Now that the Sun News has assumed the role of apologist for Rep. Alan Clemmons, the readers no longer have to guess where the newspaper stands regarding the Republican Voter ID law.

By attempting to silence those who have accused Rep. Clemmons of being racist, the newspaper has strengthened the resolve of those challenging the law in court.

Fortunately the courts and not the politicians or some partisan newspaper will determine whether or not Rep. Clemmons and the law that he authorized is racist in nature. The courts will determine whether or not the law was a blatant attempt by the Republican Party to suppress the state’s minority voters.

It would be ironic if Rep. Clemmons’ blessing of a racist email would be the determining factor in the court rendering a final decision.

For the record, I am neither an African-American nor a registered Democrat. Rather I am simply a seeker of truth and justice based on the facts.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.