Letters to the Editor

I-73 promises ring hollow

Re Aug. 5 column by Rep. Alan Clemmons, “The time is right for 1-73”

I need to make some comments. If ever there was a fiasco being forced on the good people of this fine state, this is it. If this project is so good, why are politicians doing the promoting ? Why the TV, bus, and newspaper advertising? Why a special corridor association? Kind of makes John Q. Citizen a bit leery.

Could it be that some politicians, their associates and friends stand to make a bit of money? Who owns the property in the planned right of way?

Now allow me to look at this from a practical viewpoint. I have used routes U.S. 50l/S.C. 38 to 1-95 many times. Once you clear the Conway area, the roads are wonderful and the trip is fast and easy. So 1-73 is proposed as a parallel road a bit to the north, terminating at S.C. 22 in the Conway area. Therefore, traffic transfers to U.S. 501 for the same horrible trip to Myrtle Beach, or to S.C. 22 to the Restaurant Row area of northern Myrtle Beach.

So what has been accomplished? This great 1-73 does not connect to Myrtle Beach as claimed.

The existing U.S. 50l/S.C.38 are wonderful for traffic coming from the south and west. However, what about the 1-95 traffic from the north? This is where the continued widening of S.C. 9 enters the picture. This road, bypassing Dillon and a few small towns, is the answer. 1-95 traffic using S.C. 9 would then continue to North Myrtle Beach, or head south on underused S.C. 31, using existing exits to Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach and Georgetown.

How do you explain the great amount of money for 1-73, that would only be heavily utilized four months per year? How do explain 29,000 new jobs? Typical interstate highways only have businesses at interchanges. Usually there are zero to four gas/convenience stores and fast food eateries. This road has maybe six interchanges. That means 4,800 jobs at each one – wow. What will these people do during the winter?

So as mentioned earlier, why the ploys to tell us how good something is? Beware.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.