Letters to the Editor

Time for a new American flag

I believe that the respect-worthy American adult is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and in its wake are adult wannabes that are “entitled” to whatever it is they need or demand. We blame the younger generation for what they are, but lets face it, it is our generation that has allowed this to happen. We blame President Obama and yet it is us that put him in office, and it is us who allows big business and politicians to keep handing out new policies that threaten the very values that my generation and those before me fought so hard for.

I think it may be time to bury our American flag. It is not what it once was. It no longer stands for the home of the brave. How can it be the home of the brave when we kowtow to every single sniveling whiner that demands that his needs are met because some have what he does not have. Handouts are becoming the weekly paycheck in this country, handouts and entitlements. I assume the word “entitlement” will soon replace phrases like 401(k), retirement benefits and Social Security benefits.

I sadly believe that this country should have a new American flag, because this is a new and dangerous country. Not dangerous to the world, but dangerous to the people that live here, the legal ones that is. The illegal residents are finding joy and unearned entitlements by simply being here. And if they don't get what they demand, they march in our streets, fill the media with their complaints and demands, then take over our resources, schools, jobs and cities. In the end they get what they want. And, if a state should attempt to stand up to these illegal residents, they are actually sued by our federal government.

Yep, it’s getting near time to bury old glory and let her rest in peace. Amen.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.