Letters to the Editor

Eastwood perhaps the most lucid of them all

This morning’s viral media message seemed to be: “Old man yells at chair.” The comments could be summed up as: “What a sad state of affairs – Clint Eastwood was so inappropriate he lost it.”

From another perspective might Clint’s “mystery speech” at the Republican Convention serve as a metaphor? In other words, years from now might his one-act “dialogue” be viewed as reflective of the 2012 American state of mind?

Did Clint simply go off-script? Could it be Clint was expressing what many Americans are feeling – confusion? As for his conversation with the empty chair, heck, I’ve been talking to my mirror a lot lately. I’ll try the chair. Clint’s apparent disorientation sounded more coherent than political sounds bites coming from both the Democrats and Republicans.

The Democrats are now convening in North Carolina. Might I suggest Shirley MacLaine as the “mystery guest?”

Clint Eastwood may well be the most honest and memorable message coming from either presidential convention.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.