Letters to the Editor

Make voting easier, not harder

As a conservative, white, Republican, male, lifetime resident of South Carolina, I have to admit that I am little confused by the push to establish new requirements for voter identification. I have voted in every election since 1972, and I have also watched with interest the results and questions surrounding each of these polling opportunities. I know my memory is not what it used to be, so please help me understand.

Have we had lots of problems with people voting under the wrong names, or voting more than once, or voting out of their precinct? I know that occasionally people move and forget to change their registration, so they vote (once) in their old precinct. This may be technically illegal, I guess, but does it change the outcome of an election? I doubt it. It appears to me that there are much more important issues concerning voting than trying to fix something which has not been a problem.

For instance, why do we have only one day to vote? Would it not make more sense to have the whole week before, in restricted locations if need be, for people to vote their choice? Why do we not allow Internet voting? Some claim it would be insecure. If this is the case, how can I apply for a credit card online, have it approved in 30 seconds, and use it to buy an appliance to be delivered to my house without ever stepping foot in the store? People wishing to vote online could easily secure this right in the same way they can secure a credit card purchase, have mail forwarded, or change the address on a magazine subscription.

It would appear to me that the real problem has nothing to do with making our voting more secure; this is just another attempt to make it more inconvenient. Pass this law and you will watch the percentage of people voting drop even further. I still believe that the more people we have involved in the process, the better the outcome. Please work to make it easier to vote, not more inconvenient.

The writer lives in Conway.