Letters to the Editor

Foreclosures all about banks’ greed

Re Sept. 1 article, “Foreclosure sales drop in second quarter”

It is heart-breaking to see the home you worked for and raised your children in put up for sale because of crooked banks. This letter is in regards to all those fraud cases that caused the housing market to crash and also caused people like me to lose their homes.

We tried to settle with the banks and they would not hear of it. We hired a lawyer to help and he sold us out. We offered more to the bank and they wouldn’t accept. We contacted politicians and they would not help. So when you have done all you know to do you have no choice but to get out and start over at the age of 60. This is why America is in the shape it is in, because of greedy bankers. They had their money out of it, now they sell it to the real estate company to get their cut. It just is not fair.

Where are our politicians when you need them? I truly hope whoever buys my house needs a home to stay in and not someone who just wants an investment. God help the people in America who have endured the pain and suffering this has caused me. The government is a crooked and corrupt mess trying to destroy all of us. Your day will come because I believe everything that goes around will come back around. I pray that my lawyer, the mortgage company and all who worked against me will have their day in court.

I offered four times more than the selling price of it today, so does that tell you anything? Go figure.

The writer lives in Conway.