Letters to the Editor

Hold Lindsey Graham to account for Lehman Bros. failure

I am writing this letter about an item on “60 Minutes” about the Lehman Brothers Bank. The bank went bankrupt and none of the executives was ever charged or ever convicted of anything. They were guilty of extortion and bank fraud. Each still has all their money. The man in charge of investigating Lehman Bank gathered all the information.

The bank sent $50 billion to England to one of their subsidiaries. Lehman brought this money back to the United States during an audit. This gave the illusion that the bank was making money when they weren't. The bank was going broke. The bank eventually went bankrupt and closed. The caused the most serious disruption in world finances ever! Yet none of these executives was ever tried.

There was substantial evidence of improper banking practices. All the executives of Lehman Brothers Bank have retained their wealth and are rich men. Why hasn't the government stepped in and taken these men to court? This has caused millions of people to lose money in the stock market because of bankruptcy. The person I am charging with neglect of his supposed power in the Senate is Lindsey Graham, your and mine representative.

If Senator Graham does nothing about this, many more letters will follow! I intend to put letters in the Washington Post, the New York Times, and all other major newspapers on the East Coast. We have the power at the polls come re-election time to make a change. We will determine if this man should return to the Senate.

The writer lives in Garden City Beach.