Letters to the Editor

Successes from Obama? Hardly

Re Aug. 29 column by Charlie Crist, “Why I’m supporting Obama”

Mr. Crist, have you been on an Arctic expedition, without communication for the last four years? Or are you ignoring the facts?

You intimate that the right favors extreme rhetoric and the left favors sensible compromise. Perhaps while you were away you missed the whole Obamacare process, where all of the Republican suggestions were totally ignored. Kickbacks and budget gimmicks were used to pass the bill without one Republican vote, all behind closed doors. Where was the openness we were promised? And regarding the extreme rhetoric, perhaps you missed the commercials depicting Mr. Romney as a felon, or causing the death of an ex-employee’s wife, or trotting out the head of the Senate to outright lie about Mr. Romney not paying any taxes for the last 10 years. Enough said.

Among the accomplishments cited: 400,000 teachers, runways and road repair. Do you think we received a bang for our buck? Considering we spent almost a trillion dollars for what amounts to short-lived jobs. All those dollars spent on what amounted to payback to unions who support the Democratic Party. Did anyone understand that once the money was spent in the first year that the cities and states would have to retain those teachers, cops and firefighters? As anyone who keeps in touch with what’s going on knows, many of those cities are going bankrupt and the states are in the red and cannot continue to retain those employees. Short term solutions to long term problems don’t work. It looked good for a while and the administration touted hundreds and thousands of jobs “created or saved;” that was until experts started looking at those jobs and all of a sudden the website was abandoned.

I’ve got to give Mr. Crist credit for his attempt at explaining how taking $716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare was helping save Medicare. Perhaps that’s how it works in the Arctic. Here in the United States it’s the fiduciary responsibility of the government to: reduce cost, reduce fraud and eliminate overpayments. How in the name of God does that give anyone the right to take the money saved by good business practices from a fund that was paid by the recipients in order to start a new government program that will likely cost trillions of dollars and be mismanaged as with most government programs. I would like to thank Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for bringing this debacle to the attention of the public.

If this defense of the Obama administration’s accomplishments is an example of what’s to come then they most certainly will lose come November. As far as selecting Mr. Crist as a surrogate to influence Florida voters, aren’t they the same voters that allowed Mr. Crist to go on a long term vacation?

The writer lives in Longs.