Letters to the Editor

Equality fight only for women

I read with interest, then chuckled at, the Associated Press article in the sports page on Aug. 21, “British Open on clock to diversify”

The writer, Paul Newberry, obviously dislikes the idea of a private club being private, and making money (inner workings and zillions of dollars), or is it just the Masters? He quotes Alison Piepmeier, director of the women’s and gender studies program at the college of Charleston as saying “we have come so far in terms of basic equality. To still have a major sports institution that thought it was appropriate and acceptable to exclude women was just anachronistic. It was ridiculous.” And he quotes Martha Burk, who I think is executive director of women’s organizations, as saying “the example they give affects what people accept as normal.”

I certainly hope these three put all of their efforts towards correcting three major instances of a lack of equality. There are many young males who would love to play softball in college, but alas, that sport is restricted to females only. In the interest of equality I know these three will demand that female professional tennis payers must play the best of five sets, not the best of three they now play. After all. if the payouts are the same for males and females we wouldn’t want females to think they don’t have to work as hard for the same money as males, would we? And of course a major sports institution, like the LPGA, wouldn’t want to exclude males based on their sex. That would be so anachronistic, just ask Allison Piepmeier.

Now i know it will be a cold day in Carolina before any of these individuals would agree and fight for any of these positions. After all, the fight is for female equality, not male.

The writer lives in Carolina Shores, N.C.