Letters to the Editor

Open letter to readers/writers of The Sun News editorial pages regarding fake letter writer

Dear Readers:

I have requested the Editors of The Sun News to publish this as an Open Letter to all readers and writers of and to the paper so as to forewarn them that they may have been or could be subjected to a scurrilous and obscene letter and/or depiction attributed to me by way of my name and address. Two strikingly similar instances have already occurred.

As some of you are aware, for the past two years or so, I have customarily written a lengthy letter to The Sun News in which I often express an obviously conservative political point of view. While my specific address is withheld from the published letter, the town where I live is not. Since my name and address are in the phone book, anyone can easily find those specifics.

Last October, Dan Golden, editorial writer of the paper informed, me that he had received a copy of a letter that a writer of an article to paper had received in the mail with my typed name and address as the sender. The letter contained foul language and disgusting attributions in describing The Sun News and the addressee, and highly critical of conservative positions. Regrettably, I took no formal action to protect my name and the free and lawful expression of ideas. That is no longer the case. Legal authorities are being notified.

The second incident occurred on August 23 this year. An unopened letter was delivered to me addressed to someone whom I neither know nor had ever heard of. A return address label, bearing my correctly spelled name and address was affixed to the envelope. The envelop contained one page depicting a man in an entirely disgusting posture with foul, obscene language describing the envelope's addressee. Because the two matters were so similar, I searched The Sun News archives of Letters to the Editor and found that the letter's addressee had a letter published on August 8 with a clearly conservative message. A postal label attached to the envelop indicates that the letter had been undeliverable, which explains why it came me as the (fraudulently) identified sender,

If anyone has received or will receive similar written communications that are attributed to me in any way, please seal the communication material in plastic and contact me as soon as possible.

John A. Donnelly

Carolina Shores, NC