Letters to the Editor

More government, less freedoms

Not going to quote Bible verses, however, we all should remember what He said about casting the first stone, right? I recoil as I observe behavior of the folks who become judgmental and hysterical over matters that are none of their business and intrude into other people’s lives. I remain opposed to more government (local, state or federal) and more regulations and laws. We have enough on the books to last longer than forever.

I guess that everyone has a “kicking dog.” If you rebuke someone’s misbehavior by your interpretation of the Bible then you should also accept and loudly admit that you also break God’s laws. Take care of your own evils: Cursing? Arrogance? Envy? Lying? Bacon? Adultery? Working on Sunday? Even shrimp! There are too many to print here. Some of us prefer to accuse: “Your sins are worse than my sins.”

One person’s bad behavior is another’s target for sanctimony. When there is enough uprising of hypocrisy, it begets another rule, regulation or law and is added to the books. “So let it be written. So let it be done …” Christians, please! Where is the unconditional love Jesus taught you? Is church a haven for Christians or a hospital for sinners?

If enough folks create enough hysteria about anything, the politicians react. Example: Smoking is now illegal in some of our communities because enough folks have determined it should no longer be allowed. Secondhand smoke and “health” justifies the rule. But to disallow smoking on a public beach? C’mon. And even in an enclosed public business, smoking, or not, should be a decision by the owner. A patron can decide herself whether or not to enter. That is freedom, and free enterprise. Vote with your dollars. Don’t support, or do. Let freedom of choice rule.

I don’t mean to opine about a particular issue, but more about the slow, creeping and insidious choking of our freedoms. Human condition orders that each of us has a pet peeve. Each of us has sinned. Dealing with each other’s failings requires communication and factual, intellectual discourse. Teaching works better than rule of law. Offer your neighbor your opinion; let them decide. That is all you can do. That is all that is required. Involving government only hurts us all. Get along.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.