Letters to the Editor

Political correctness over trying hard

One would hope while reading Mr. Long’s letter regarding Olympic medals that this was some sort of satire. Unfortunately, this concept of political correctness prevails far too much today.

It is not his inane ideas concerning medals at the games that greatly disturb me, but rather how everything in this world should be “fair.” When one descends from the clouds and lands back on earth, it is very shocking to discover that the world is indeed “not fair.”

When I was growing up, the message taught to me was as long as you tried your best that was what mattered. However, in today’s world, young people are taught doing your best is not a good thing, instead be politically correct and make sure everyone stays equal. It is attitudes like Mr. Longs that detract from the greatness this country once knew. We promote mediocrity as a good thing because, after all, doing better than someone else is impolite.

Expanding on Mr. Long’s views to the upcoming elections, in order to be “fair” let both candidates serve, either jointly or each for one half the term of office. That way it would be “fair” and no one would suffer the stigma of defeat.

Our forefathers would be rolling over in their graves if they could see what this great country has been reduced to in order to be politically correct in order to create “fair.”

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.