Letters to the Editor

Thank goodness for whistle-blowers

Three hundred million cheers for Doug Ross for his courageous and eloquent Aug. 22 “corporate takeover of the USA” letter!

Indeed, we need an apathy-busting awakening, to recapture our democracy. Few of us 300 million Americans even know, realize or care that we’ve been de-democracied and subordinated by the contemporary corporate robber barons. A few wise and courageous truth-exposing authors and columnists have been speaking up, but corporate has rejected, ignored and marginalized them. But you and I can support and encourage them, and give their blockbuster revelations great public exposure. We, too, can write letters, blogs and e-mails, and can form action groups.

Would that the mainstream media, also in corporate’s pocket and under its thumb, would have the journalistic honesty, courage, and professionalism to report and describe corporate’s coup! After all, it is news, and it is facts. It surely is vastly more important news and facts than candidates’ income tax returns, the latest of zillions of election popularity polls, and a British royal’s nude partying. But, of course, don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. So, thanks to the Doug Rosses of our country – and the thousands more whistle-blowers that we need – there’s hope for a voters’ awakening.

By the way, Romney/Ryan and the Republicans have lots of company in corporate’s pocket – politicians, legislators, and government officials of all descriptions. Let’s recognize their all-permeating Green Party, “green” not because of the environment, but because of greed.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.