Letters to the Editor

Don’t let women’s gains end now

Now that the Republican party has openly declared war on the women of America it's time for all of us to show them that we are full grown functional human beings, capable of living our own lives and making our own choices.

This lack of respect for us as people is more important in the upcoming election than unemployment the economy, energy costs and foreign policy all together. We must not allow ourselves to become government property; we've worked too long and to hard to go back.

Ladies, it matters not if you are young or old, white or black, gay or straight, Republican or Democrat. If you are a woman you are in jeopardy of losing the gains in the 90 years since we got the vote. We have to use that vote to send a message to those pompous poltroons, we will not allow you to steal our rights, not one of them.

The older among us will remember when men went to college to learn but “girls” went to find husbands. “Girls” couldn't be valedictorians no matter the grades they earned. You could be a nurse but never a doctor. You could act in a movie, but never direct, do makeup and write copy, but never read news on air. We fought for every advance we got, and we have to keep fighting now.

Be vocal, don't just vote against these clowns, and tell everyone why you're voting against them. Be loud, be uppity be real, demand the respect we've earned. What we do now will affect the upcoming generations of women for those of us who have been in this battle since the ‘50s, there's no rest yet. The greatest weapon available is the same one we've used for 90 years, our own self respect.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.