Letters to the Editor

Romney can reduce debt

Re Aug 15 letter by John Long, “U.S. won too many Olympic medals”

I do not know John Long personally so I’m not sure what his motivation was in writing his letter. On first reading I considered it another example of over-the-top, unbalanced liberal speak, but on second thought it could be a clever rejoinder, a play on words in counter point.

In either case John has elucidated the juxtaposition that exists in our culture where some believe all should be provided as a right and others believe that all should have the right to succeed to their fullest. The problem we all have is that these are the black and white positions, extremes, while most of us live in the gray world somewhere between.

Therefore, some mix of the black and white forms our individual sphere and shade of gray. Example: One letter responding to John saw merit in rewarding all children equally at first when learning to play T-ball.

Now our mutual problem, realized by some and downplayed or ignored by others, is that we have run up a very large bill, $16 trillion plus, first by sliding and now tumbling, out of control, toward government provision as a right. This kind of debt puts our nation and way of life at risk throughout the world. It reduces our ability to protect and defend our people and resources by emboldening our foreign debtors and enemies who hold $5.4 trillion of the debt.

If we were to freeze all expenditures, reduce unemployment to below 4 percent, balance the budget and start paying down the debt at a rate of $400 billion per year, it will take at least 40 years; that’s three to four generations to clear the existing debt.

Maintaining status and paying debt requires cash flow. Mitt Romney is the only person in this election campaign who has really demonstrated successful experience in generating cash flow; like it or not, his experience at Bain Capital proves that. Plus his running mate has proposed a plan that represents a good start toward bringing our future under control.

President Obama, on the other hand, has demonstrated that he knows how to squander and borrow money but has given no indication of knowing how to accumulate it for public benefit, other than using a printing press. As far as his expected running mate is concerned it would be best for all if he just sits somewhere in a corner.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.