Letters to the Editor

Don’t fall for ignorance of GOP

Growing up just before, during, and after World War II, I was the youngest in a small family. My life was average, being spent in school, involved in sports, and all the other familiar teenage pursuits, joys, and disappointments.

My father, a Wall Street bank employee, and my stay at home mother were middle-class conservative, tax-paying Republicans. Not party members, simply voters. At home and at family gatherings I heard snippets of political talk, but paid little attention to the Republican slant of conversations. Through talk and associations with others, I very gradually formed my own opinions about current affairs, politics, and other subjects which remained firm but open to change.

As an 83-year-old Caucasian I should be solidly in the Republican camp. But as an 83-year-old with a conscience and a sense of fairness, I am anything but. Why should I be for a party that is being held captive by a narrow minded group of people who do not believe in evolution, do not respect the rights and privacy of women, and do not think that religion and government should be kept separate, but who do want to serve and protect the privileged while basically letting the rest “just take care of themselves”?

Our two most important and necessary social programs were designed and made into law by Democrats, not Republicans. All creative chance-taking attempts to improve the human condition have been made by Democrats. If enough voters fall for the ignorance of the Republicans, the racism, the phony patriotism, the further subjugation of the middle class, then any hope for a continuance of a great America is a candle without a flame, dead and dark.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.