Letters to the Editor

Life’s a competition; that’s not a bad thing

Re Aug. 15 letter by John Long, “U.S. won too many Olympic medals”

So if I read this right you say that no one person or country should have a chance to win multiple me medals. Everyone gets the same score as everyone else. And so it’s fair to all who compete.

Well I’m not an athlete, I enjoy a good challenge and have played in several sports for fun and lost and won some. No biggie. But I think for that really talented child, woman or man who have devoted their life to a sport that they enjoy playing or participating in should have the chance to be elated that they won and proud of themselves and their team for winning.

Now for the one who lost, it gives them a chance to pick themselves up and work harder to maybe win the next time. This is how life is and how the game is played. Now you want the so-so, don’t really care attitude of kids or say someone like me who doesn’t try to win. Yeah, what’s that get you? The Olympics are like any other type of sport or singing, or competition of any kind; let’s just give everyone a medal. Then we will have a world of winners. But are they really?

Why should we stop at sports? The way you see it, the child who studies really hard, makes great grades and the so-so student who could give a hoot each get A’s. How about this: the man or woman takes SATs and one does really well, one doesn’t, but that’s OK, pass them both.

People everywhere are competitors, it’s how it has always been. One wins, one loses, but if the one who loses cares, next time they try harder. That’s not a bad thing.

Now as for all the athletes who went to the Olympics or tried out and got passed over, they do get acknowledged in their town, state or country that they are from. Those people are happy for the job that they did and proud of them for trying out and giving their best.

And who said the ones who didn’t win feel so bad? They might be disappointed maybe, but this is life. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.