Letters to the Editor

I-73 a waste of money and resources

The coverage on the I-73 interstate project is great. The more light you can bring to it the better. Kudos to the Coastal Conservation League for its Miley and Associates report. In Amanda Kelley’s June article on the project, Alan Clemmons claims that “All road experts have already considered (GSX) and rejected it. … All of the federal agencies like those in charge of wildlife and wetlands … have each agreed the best alternative is to build a new interstate highway.”

This is ridiculous. Several agencies have looked at the project but the process was never finished because SCDOT does not have a mitigation plan.

I-73 is as much a waste as Alaska’s bridge to nowhere. Funny that an environmental group is opposing a project for financial reasons. Now we just need our politicians to get on board and drop this billion-dollar boondoggle.

The writer lives in Darlington.