Letters to the Editor

Expressway can’t compare to Interstate 73

We need an economic engine and the I-73 opponents want us to accept a tricycle.

Thank you for the offer of an expressway as a consolation prize, instead of an interstate, however those who care about real economic progress in our region and South Carolina respond with a big “No thank you. We’ll take our interstate.”

An expressway does not offer a roadway built to the highest safety standards, with smooth-flowing off/on access. How many traffic lights will be left when the expressway is complete? Is someone waving a magic wand to make every one of them disappear? Reminder: interstates have zero stop lights.

Almost everything we touch has moved at some point or another on the interstate system, not an expressway.

When is the last time you heard big business say “We are conveniently located off of Expressway 501? Check out where big business is locating (near ports, rails and interstates).

I-73 in S.C. is a piece of a national corridor which runs through six states. Did the opponents forget about the importance of interstate commerce?

Today’s graduates move to other more economically-progressive and diverse cities and states after they graduate in S.C. Why can’t we keep them here?

We know interstates come with a high price tag, but millions of dollars have already been spent and the return will be even greater than any expressway and it can’t compete with an interstate.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that a minority group, with backward-thinking and the “I’m here and who cares about anyone else” mentality, want us to settle for widening and upgrading U.S. 501 instead of an interstate.

We want real progress, so step aside and let I-73 construction begin.

The writer lives in Little River.