Letters to the Editor

Bible a relic of history; we’ve changed

I wonder if any of these people who quote the Bible have ever read the history of the Bible?

It was not a bolt of lightning from heaven like the Ten Commandments. God spoke through the minds of men.

The Bible was written over 2,000 years ago in the Aramaic language by different Jewish scribes in pen and ink on parchment. In the year 325 AD, the Council of Nicaea, trying to streamline the Bible, took the scriptures that suited them and threw out at least some 40 other scriptures. When the Greeks and Romans embraced Christianity; the Bible had to be translated into Greek and Latin. Here we have scribes struggling by candlelight to translate one language into another. Inadvertently or advertently, they made mistakes. They left out words, changed the meaning of some, and if there were no meaningful translations from one language to another, they might even have added their own interpretation.

Additionally, in the 15th century the printing press was invented and the Bible was printed in German, (Gutenberg Bible). Other changes were made over the centuries and today we have more than one version of the Bible.

Yes, God spoke 2,000 years ago to a rural Aramaic people in their language about conditions that concerned them, but times have changed, people have changed. While the Bible still has words of wisdom to offer, we cannot just pull out quotes that happen to suit us or to prove a point.

Today many people are more open to the spirit of God, rather than the dogmas of religion. Some people believe that God tells you to hate people that are not like you. My God tells me we are all his children, no matter what color, religion, or sexual orientation we may be.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.