Letters to the Editor

We can’t afford another Obama presidency

I thought that I would set a lot of people straight in regard to who we should vote for in November, although people have the right to choose whom they please. I have read many articles in The Sun News, some of which are from intelligent people, and some are not too intelligent when it comes to politics.

I can tell you that our country is heading in the wrong direction if they do not put the right people in office. This is compared to the election in 2008. I watched the whole election from start to finish, when President Obama was elected, and this was the most crooked election I have ever seen. So let’s hope that this never happens again. The campaign people should refrain from spreading lies about each other, and this is happening mostly on the part of the Democrats. So it takes an educated person in politics to vote.

Obama wants to take away from people who have earned their money and give it to people who do not want to work, and let them continue on welfare. He has the same old rhetoric every time he campaigns, and his viewers are losing interest. He is not interested in creating jobs or improving the economy at all. Congressman Paul Ryan is a very intelligent person, and a good man, and along with former Governor Romney, will make a great team if elected in November.

I don’t think they will lie to you when they make their speeches about Medicare, and how they plan to save Medicare and Social Security, and how they plan to create jobs for this country. They will do the right thing for the people of this country. Just watch Fox News once in a while, as they are not prejudiced, and they will tell you that if they have made a mistake, or if you find them to be untruthful, they will apologize.

So let’s get this country back on track and bring down the $17 trillion debt which the federal government has gotten us into, as it is obvious that if we have four more years of this administration, our country will go down the drain. Everyone should be concerned about this. I am 80 years old, and still have a good memory, and I certainly am.

The writer lives in Little River.