Letters to the Editor

Some guns fine, but let’s ban automatic weapons

It is very hard to understand the mind of some people. I refer to the Asheville Tea Party machine gun social article in Saturday’s paper. I did research on the issue and found an article written by the party’s chairwoman, Jane Bilello, listing a long list of the reasons people should have guns. One of the items mentioned was all the Jews killed in WWII; did she forget there was a mad man at the helm, by the name of Hitler? She also mentioned the Founding Fathers having foresight to implement the Second Amendment, but all they had at the time were rifles, cannons and pistols -- a long shot from today’s armaments .

Now I am not saying people should not have guns, but please someone give me a logical reason why any sane person needs an automatic weapon. You can only kill people with them.

The gun laws in this country should not be to keep people owning a gun, but should be banning the sale of automatic weapons. I think anyone buying such a weapon should be flagged and their information stored in a database. After all, the guns purchased do not always stay with the buyer, and it would be a way of tracking the weapon, at least if it was not sold at a gun show where there may be no background checks.

Anyone who has lost a loved one to a killer with an automatic weapon will cringe at the thought of a group of adults laughing and having a grand old time at the Uzi social.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.