Letters to the Editor

Amputee runner in Olympics an inspiration

Re Aug. 10 letter by Jimmy Peters, “Prosthetic legs not fair for runner”

I am sorry that Mr. Peters has only two toes and a partial amputation of his other leg, however let’s see him accomplish what this young man has done in his career as an Olympic runner.

Maybe he should have begun training at a young age and he could have accomplished some of the things this young man has been able to do.

As a disabled person who has lost all of his sight except light perception and being able to see shadows, I appreciate handicapped individuals trying to accomplish what people think they cannot achieve.

What a pleasure we as disabled people get from seeing the great things people can do if they will only try. After watching quad amputees help other people and folks who have been so severely burned that they ask their own father to kill them go on to earn a masters degree and become a high school principal and inspire students to be super Americans, I cannot understand why anyone would criticize someone for doing something extraordinary with their lives.

Mr. Peters should commend this young man rather than trying to say he is not worthy of competitions against someone with two healthy legs. Having a disability does not mean that they should be in a separate category. Special Olympics are absolutely wonderful for those wishing to compete, however, it is a sad commentary when anyone would criticize a disabled person that wants to compete as a fully healthy athlete. We should praise them for their endeavors.

If you put can't in your vocabulary then you can't and you certainly won't. Don't cry because you have no shoes because you just might run into a person without any feet.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.