Letters to the Editor

Getting an ID to vote not a big deal

I would like to know what all the fuss is about for wanting everyone to vote legitimately by showing proper identification and residency in order to vote.

The vast majority of people who are involved with these issues are the poor, the elderly, the folks who cannot for some reason earn a living. Every one of these people has to show ID for food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid or financial assistance in senior housing.

You cannot go into a doctor or dentist’s office as a new patient without proper ID. You cannot buy a car or board a plane without an ID. In our local food pantry (free food for those in need) you must show proof of residency.

Are you receiving monthly Social Security checks? It would not happen without your proof of identity. Try going into an emergency room at any hospital without an ID, (unless it is a life threatening situation and if so, your family will be hounded for ID information. You cannot even get a library card without proof of residency.

If you have nothing to hide and if you are not breaking the law, what is all the fuss about?

The writer lives in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.