Letters to the Editor

Time to trim fat down to the bone

In the July 21 edition of The Sun News, two opinion items, a letter from Jim Lyons (“Romney, Bain, tax returns, oh my”) and a column from Charles Krauthammer (“Did the state make you great?”) state realistic facts in relation to Barack Obama.

Also valid facts: Things are not okay, Mr. Obama. Unemployment across our country is 20 percent, not 8 percent. You refuse to tap our own gas resources vs. importing foreign crude. The middle class has vanished, like the Edsel. A national debt of $16 trillion is increasing every day. You insist on blaming everyone else for all of the problems, yet you have not solved any.

Promises, promises, promises, Mr. Obama. Go tell it to the Marines.

I am not implying either that Mitt Romney is our savior. We all need to take a look for 2016 at current Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, who is trimming all of the fat in his state. He and Sen. Christopher “Kip” Bateman, together, would do our country a lot of good.

There is no easy fix, and why are we exposing our military to harm in hostile Middle Eastern countries? Guess we did not learn any lessons from Vietnam.

Stop hammering Mr. Romney about his tax returns; he paid the appropriate amount to the government. But

Unfortunately, no resident of the USA can afford another four years of Barack Obama, and if Mr. Romney angers anyone, perhaps all control and decision making should again be “of the people, by the people, for the people,” before total destruction takes place, no room for dictators.

As Christie is implementing, time to trim, all the fat, to the bone. No more free lunch. Carry your own weight or get out.

The writer lives in Carolina Shores, N.C.