Letters to the Editor

Ryan’s plan honestly and simply stated

Paul Ryan’s and the Republican Party’s plan to save Social Security and Medicare make no changes to the benefits that those 55 and older will receive. Those who are younger than 55 can choose to continue with the current Social Security or Medicare plan or make other choices. For instance, they can choose to invest some of their otherwise required Social Security payments into private investments.

Any claims made otherwise are false and not deserving of attention. Political ploys attempting to demonize Paul Ryan and the Republican plan such as a dramatization showing a Republican pushing a senior off a cliff are ridiculous. Obamacare explicitly stripped half a trillion dollars from Medicare. Democrats have no plan.

Both parties used Social Security funds for anything they wished rather than the general revenue and allowed distributions to those who did not pay in. Now they cry because IOUs are due.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.