Letters to the Editor

Equal medals in Olympics? You must be joking

Re Aug. 15 letter by John Long, “U.S. won too many Olympic medals”

Please tell me that John Long’s commentary about the equal distribution of Olympic medals was done merely as a joke, and The Sun News printing it was the same. Or did he truly write it and the paper printed it, to see where it would register on the laugh meter?

Good golly, John, even in the old USSR, the bastion of communism and “equal distribution” of wealth and resources, they didn’t have a medal equality program. Hey, John, great idea: In school let’s take the test results of the higher scorers and decrease the value and add it to the results of the lower scoring students. Geez, now everyone can be average. That would be the ideal program. Everyone can share the wealth!

I know where John’s vote will go come November.

The writer lives in Hudson, Fla.