Letters to the Editor

Obama failed to deliver on debt talk

In March of 2006, then-Senator Obama railed against the nation’s debt, calling it a failure of leadership. He also said America deserves better.

I agreed with those words, but after seeing President Obama lead us into trillions of dollars of even more debt, I am calling him out on his own words.

He has not only proven incapable of stopping the rush to the debt cliff, he has multiplied that amount, and swelled the ranks of social dependents to record levels.

America also deserves a president who accepts responsibility for his actions, puts the country and Americans first, secures the borders and sensitive intelligence information, and is not an audacious hypocrite. Obama has failed in all these areas.

I also agree with him that we have a clear choice of directions in the coming election. I see a choice between an American and a Marxist, who was never vetted and is extremely hostile towards American ideals.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.