Letters to the Editor

Reuniting ‘lost’ money with owners real service

Public service doesn’t mean sitting in an office in Columbia all day, rather it’s getting out and meeting the citizens directly. It was my pleasure to visit Myrtle Beach and work with my staff to help people find unclaimed cash during our Palmetto Payback Hometown Tour.

One of the best parts of my job as state treasurer is to return money to its rightful owners through our Palmetto Payback Program. Our program receives millions of dollars of “lost” property each year in the form of stocks, bonds, deposits, old paychecks and life insurance policies to name a few. In calendar year 2011 we promptly returned nearly $13 million to the citizens of South Carolina and are on pace to surpass that number in 2012.

It’s no secret we are still having tough times across South Carolina. The foreclosure rate in the Grand Strand is higher than we’d like it to be and unemployment remains an issue statewide. That’s why it is wonderful to see the look on someone’s face when I tell them they have money due to them.

Our tour is not about the state agency or the official. It’s about returning money back to the people.

Remember, check www.treasurer.sc.gov to see if you have unclaimed property! If you are one of the many newcomers to the Palmetto State, visit www.unclaimed.org for links to unclaimed property divisions of other states. I am grateful to serve the Grand Strand and look forwarding to visiting again soon

The writer is S.C. state treasurer