Letters to the Editor

Building I-73 just doesn’t make sense

Re Aug. 5 column by Rep. Alan Clemmons, “The time is right for I-73”

It’s time, Mr. Clemmons, to stop discussing I-73. As a huge political boondoggle it is another gross example of how our taxpayer dollars can be misspent. Instead, let’s discuss the rationales of your letter.

The 29,000 proposed jobs are temporary and will then completely disappear. The Grand Strand does not need another million tourists. Problems inherent with that many more people here become endless. Most types of industry have never been lured to this area for a variety of reasons, with lack of an interstate just one item on a long list. In my 14 years here evacuation routes have never been needed. With intelligent planning and timely action, evacuations via existing road systems can be carried out well in advance of a pending storm.

You cite outside groups as “meddlesome.” If you are concerned about re-election (every politician’s main concern) I think you just lost some votes. These groups are concerned, intelligent, informed citizens examining environmental impacts, comparative costs, effects on communities, and other pertinent issues. None of my friends or family from “up North” have ever expressed an aversion to coming to the Grand Strand due to a lack of an interstate. Routes 95 and 40 get them here fast enough. Folks leaving from the Midwest or West also have many routes to speed them along.

All communities bypassed by the I-73 corridor will suffer economically. Tourist dollars will be lost to many existing small businesses. Local news media have already presented concrete facts re I-73 over and over. Despite your closed-mind attitude of superiority, the concrete facts on alternative solutions to I-73 make far more common sense because they are not intertwined with political motives. In every comparative discussion of I-73 and other options, I-73 always comes out behind. These comparisons make the arguments of I-73 proponents look desperate at best.

The writer lives in Calabash, N.C.