Letters to the Editor

Save a life; rescue a pet

Re Aug. 11 letter by Dawn Risner, “Think long before giving up pets”

My wife asked me two years ago on June 25, what would you like for your birthday? I said a dog. She said, are you sure? Think of the cost, vet bills, food, medications, the extra cost when we travel along with many, many other concerns. I said, you’re right, why don’t we go to look at some dogs at the pound. If we find one we like then before we doing anything we will revisit the other factors.

I would like to say we do not agree that pets do not get to choose their own destiny. We went to Tenth Avenue and asked if they had small dogs to adopt. They showed us into a room with small dogs jumping, barking, running to the front of their cage for loving. There was one very cute little pup in the back of his cage just looking out with those very sad, I do not want to be here eyes.

My wife went to the cage and put her fingers into it and Gizmo came over and licked her hand, stepped back, took a look at her and said, OK let’s move forward. Next came the leash and a walk outside, not far as he laid on his back as soon as we were outside and said, let’s see how you are at belly scratching. Mom passed the test, next he had to find out how well he could train us, we passed and got a new family member.

We wanted a dog and were not sure what we wanted. Gizmo wanted a dad and mom and knew what he wanted and we thank God every day that we filled his requirements. He is the best thing that happened to us after we retired; he travels great, and more and more hotels, motels are pet friendly along with restaurants. Save a life; rescue a pet.

The writers live in Myrtle Beach.