Letters to the Editor

Can we stop stores from selling lasers?

I have been living in the Murrells Inlet/Garden City Beach area for the past 18 years. While my husband and I were walking on the beach the other night (in Garden City Beach) I noticed several buildings with balconies and individuals standing and/or sitting pointing green lasers down toward the beach. As we were talking I said “no good will come of that” he responded that he’d read an article in The Sun News about a Coast Guard helicopter pilot that was temporarily blinded by a green laser, and went on to tell me the rest of what he had read.Today, my husband and I went to Broadway at the Beach (something we rarely do this time of year) where I counted seven stores advertising in the windows the sale of “green lasers.”

So, I ask you, what can we do to stop the stores from selling these items? Why not cut it off at the sale, rather than chance endangering our pilots any further. We should have beach patrol ride along the beach to try to minimize those already on the streets.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.