Letters to the Editor

Not fair: U.S. won too many Olympic medals

I believe that it is shameful that the United States, once again, won the most medals in the recent Olympic Games. Michael Phelps has won 22 medals in his Olympic career alone. He does not need that many medals, and it makes the other, less talented, athletes feel bad about themselves. It is just not fair.

I propose that in future Olympic Games, once an athlete wins a medal, he/she should turn it into the Olympic Committee, and allow the committee to determine what country should be awarded the medal. After all, if it were not for the Olympic Committee, there would not even be an event in which that athlete could compete. This will allow the athletes that have not devoted their time and talents to the sport the opportunity to achieve success. However, the Olympic Committee should still expect every athlete to try their hardest so that the games will continue to be entertaining to watch by the world.

Once this new system is put in place, all of the countries competing in the Olympics will have the same number of medals and everyone will be rewarded for their presence at the games, and not have to worry if they are talented enough to succeed on their own talent and efforts. After all, isn't that what competing is all about?

The writer lives in Conway.