Letters to the Editor

Medicare should cover vaccines

Recently, I received one of my first explanation of benefits from Medicare, as I have only been on this program for a short while. On advice from my long-time physician (30-plus years), I elected to take a long overdue tetanus vaccination and a whopping cough vaccination, which I thought was unusual until my doctor explained that a re-emergence of whooping cough among adults was becoming serious. No problem.

Medicare refused both vaccinations and disallowed payments. Does this make sense for preventative medicine for a now senior citizen?

Should I have contracted either of the diseases without taking the shots, what or how much would the after care results would have cost medicate to bring me back to original better health?

Something is wrong with this picture, folks. Thank goodness I have a secondary insurance. But what if I had not? Does Medicare not believe in or support preventative medicine? Are older Americans supposed to ignore vaccines that will ensure better lives?

I hope for me and other millions of Americans, changes to the “Rules and Regulations” of our sacred (much sarcasm) Medicare program will be changed to allow reasonable, understandable and medically sound administration of vaccines to ensure a better quality of life.

Who are the fools that run our Medicare program?

The writer lives in Little River.