Letters to the Editor

Say no to Gloria Tinubu

In these tough economic times we don’t need to send another left wing bureaucrat to Washington to represent our new 7th District in Congress.

Gloria Tinubu resigned from the Georgia House of Representatives before finishing her term to move here to run for our 7th District seat. Is she here to serve us or herself? Tinubu states on her webpage that she is “committed to restoring the American Dream for South Carolinians.” Yet in her campaign ads she states, “Mr. President, I’ve got your back.” This seems to be quite a contradiction.

My understanding of this statement is that she supports most, if not all of President Obama’s policies. In our country, where 49 percent of the population doesn’t pay taxes and roughly the same amount are on some sort of government assistance, I cannot see where covering “his back” will foster the American Dream. She is also a big supporter of the AFL-CIO, which is almost certain to fund a big portion of her campaign to push their agenda.

We don’t need more of the same; we need a strong conservative to represent us for our new congressional seat to truly restore the American Dream in South Carolina.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.