Letters to the Editor

Prosthetic legs not fair for Olympic runner

Who are the people in charge of the Olympics that change the rules seemingly for the benefit of their own agenda?

The Olympics are for all athletes in all events to compete on an even level against their peers. Yet they allowed an athlete to compete against others with advanced technological titanium flipper springs for feet and lower legs. He is a tremendous athlete who has held two world titles in two events, as well as setting two world records in those two events against the athletes who are his equals.

That’s why they have a Special Olympics and Paralympics. Yet they seem to have tried to sensationalize this event to the world.

This athlete from birth has worked hard his entire life under extreme circumstances to get to the awesome level that he is at, and that’s really incredible. But the Olympic athletes have also worked hard all or most of their lives to get where they are. Can you imagine an athlete who has worked so hard to have a chance to win a gold, silver or bronze, to be beaten out of their chance by somebody who has also worked hard but with titanium springs for feet and legs?

As of yet it hasn’t happened. So I guess in the 2016 Olympics, after four more years of technological development, he or someone else could have a chance to win. Why not let the Olympics, Special Olympics and the Paralympics just compete against their equals? If you want to stage a spectacle between athletes that are handicapped and those who are not, stage it somewhere other than the Olympic venue.

And, in closing, this comes from someone with only three toes on one foot and a below the knee amputation on the other. Maybe I’ll have a spring on my leg someday and for the first time, in 62 years, be able to slam dunk a basketball.

The writer lives in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.