Letters to the Editor

Wilkes’ column a one-sided degrading opinion

Re Aug. 5 column by Mande Wilkes, “Being gay at Chick-fil-A”

I simply do not recall ever seeing a more biased and one-sided degrading article, guilty of severe stereotyping. Unfortunately she took a serious debate on equality, religious values and free speech, and reduced it to one of polarizing “homophobic solidarity” dripping with sarcasm.

If Ms. Wilkes’ intent was to present her thoughts as a joke, she should have made that clear up front. But it appears her intent was to present herself as the great intellect out to show how uneducated and downright ignorant all the (redneck) folks are who supported Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. I have no idea if her supposed “responses” were simply made up from her own resourceful mind, of if she actually interviewed customers. Let’s go ahead and give her credit and say she actually did interviews. Are these comments actually representative of the majority of customers, or are they the 5 percent that responded with laughable, almost ignorant, comments that fit Ms. Wilkes’ intent?

Again, if she meant to present this as a joke, she should have said so, and then we could all have laughed along with her. That’s not how this article comes across. It comes across as the intellectually superior Ms. Wilkes using a condescending “blank stare” to respond to the low-brow thoughtless comments of customers – and customers being capable of responding only with their own “blank stare” to the far superior thoughtful comments made by Ms Wilkes.

Really? There were no customers that responded with thoughtful, serious, sincere comments in support of Mr. Cathy and his right to free speech? I also accept the free speech right of Ms. Wilkes to say what she wants, but when it comes across as painting an entire customer base with so blatantly degrading, one-sided comments, perhaps the Sun News should consider some additional pre-screening.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.