Letters to the Editor

GOP dismantling nation’s health care safety nets

Medicare recipients, please raise your hand if you would voluntarily forgo your current Medicare safety net insurance for Rep. Paul Ryan’s worthless voucher proposal that will replace Medicare as we know it.

Just as I thought. Only a few wealthy, stubborn Republicans raised their hand. In Congress every single Republican voted for Ryan’s proposal, and Mitt Romney supports the legislation that also includes the block grant obliteration of Medicaid. If one has any concern for the middle class, the poor, women or children, one does not support that kind of legislation.

Though most of you do not want the worthless vouchers for yourself, a large percentage of you are considering voting for Romney and Tim Scott. Someone appropriately coined the expression: “cutting off your nose to spite your face.” Apparently you don’t mind saddling your children and grandchildren with legislation that is not in your or their best interest as long as it doesn’t have an immediate effect on you. Most parents want their offspring to have a better life then they themselves have had or at least the equivalent life style. But I guess not everyone feels that way.

With their sights on Medicare, Medicaid and affordable health care can the privatization of Social Security be far behind? If the Republicans have their way with the dismantling of all the safety net programs, God bless America, and our children, and our grandchildren, and their children. They will need her blessing more than ever.

The writer lives in Bluffton.