Letters to the Editor

Sentence to read Bible came from wise judge

The Sun News reported that a Rock Hill resident — who pleaded guilty to driving drunk and crashing into a car, severely injuring two people — was sentenced by a judge to eight years in jail, followed by five years’ probation and substance abuse counseling, and she must read the Old Testament Bible book of Job and write a summary.

This last concept is “a rare ruling according to ruling experts.” Of course, it could be challenged, but the prisoner wants to do it, and has already started work on it. The drunken driver’s life story came out during the trial. She was abused as a child and is now extremely remorseful for the harm she has caused others. The judge told her the book of Job is about a person who lost everything but his faith in God, and Job made it through, and “you can too.”

A wise judge indeed.

The writer, pastor of the Myrtle Beach Church of Christ, lives in Myrtle Beach.