Letters to the Editor

Thanks to Rep. Hearn for stand on fathers

The board of A Father’s Place recognizes and applauds Rep. George Hearn’s stand for fatherhood in helping to pass the motion to reconsider Veto 36 in the recent House session.

We thank you for this principled stand and commend you for ensuring that the statewide Alternatives To Incarceration program will be able to continue operating.

Along with the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families, we pledge our efforts to see this money used fruitfully and effectively (for the benefit of many families and the state of South Carolina) by diverting noncustodial parents from detention centers to the work force.

Thank you for promoting the place of fathers in the lives of their children and for recognizing the role played by programs like ours in strengthening those vital and productive bonds.

The letter is signed by the board of A Father’s Place: Larry White, Dawn Rider, Wallace Evans, Raphael Carr, Mark Burlinson, Wilmot Merchant, Russell Hall III, Belton Platt and Jory Taylor