Letters to the Editor

Human love can’t compare to God’s love

Issac Bailey appears to be a nice fellow who is devoted to his wife and children. From what I have read in his columns, he has overcome an extremely unfortunate childhood and by a lot of hard work and effort achieved a great deal of success. In addition, he and his wife are attempting to extend their assistance to help others better themselves. I applaud him for all of this.

However, I need to address his Aug. 1 column. He goes on at length regarding various aspects of human love. Then he questions the love of God. The two cannot be compared. Human love will never achieve the level of God’s love for his creations. In addressing God’s love, we ignore the fact that God is a holy and just God. Therefore, his love may seem unfair to mere humans.

I would ask Mr. Bailey to study God’s word in depth and I believe he will discover such facts as: God created man and woman for a purpose; God instituted marriage. God instructed Adam and Eve to multiply and produce children. Homosexuals cannot produce children, unless they violate their own beliefs that they should be having sex with their own gender and not the opposite sex. Mr. Bailey would also discover that God did address homosexuality in the scriptures and called it reprobate thinking.

We should never question what God wants unless we truly know his word, the Bible, in which he told us where he stands on all issues.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.