Letters to the Editor

Letter an unfair smear on Kohlmann

Re Aug. 3 letter by Bob Childs, “Kohlmann not our type of person”

Residents of Surfside Beach are “awake” and well aware of what you, the previous council member, and the previous mayor did or did not do for our city.

I urge all the residents of Surfside Beach to review the minutes of the Town Council meeting for April 26 which are included in the May 10th minutes.

Mr. Childs has taken what Ms. Kohlmann said completely out of context. Our previous mayor, Mr. Deaton, was out of line for his words and actions, too. As you read the minutes it is very clear Ms. Kohlmann had her back to the Town Council and mayor so she could address the residents and WMBF News staff. The entire episode was recorded by and shown several times by WMBF News. Ms. Kohlmann was not “taken out” of the meeting; she was “escorted out” per the request of (then) Mayor Deaton. He was having a really bad day.

Her comments were not a “speech” nor “disrespectful.” There was support for Ms. Kohlmann from Town Council members Samples, Blair, Dodge and, of course, the residents. Mr. Childs did nothing.

Mr. Childs has done a disservice to Beth Kohlmann and to Vicki Blair, as well. We can only ask ourselves why Mr. Childs, past Town Council member, would attempt to smear a candidate instead of using the opportunity to highlight the good qualities of the candidate he supports.

Mr. Childs, the residents of Surfside Beach are “awake.” We did not re-elect you.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.