Letters to the Editor

Firefighters dump Dalmation

As my friends and family know I am an animal lover and a big supporter of the Grand Strand Humane Society. I occasionally ask them for help in getting animals adopted, fund raising or other things, but on July 18 I became aware of a situation at the shelter that I feel compelled to share with our entire community.

While there taking photos of dogs to post on Facebook I heard a dalmatian crying nonstop. When I asked about him, I was told he had been adopted a couple of years ago by one of the local fire department houses and was returned because the lady, also a fire department employee, who had been helping take care of him was taking a job in Las Vegas and didn’t want to try and drive him across country. And none of the other fire department employees stepped up to give him a home or help take care of him. Are you kidding me?

Our own local fire department has now added to the burden at the shelter that is already 100 animals over capacity. Because Jake had once been adopted from the shelter and because of his special needs they took him back in the hopes of finding him a new home quickly. He is inconsolable, scared and confused because he became an inconvenience to those he thought was his family. I know they don’t work 24/7 and a dog his age spends a lot of time napping, so can someone please explain to me how this makes sense?

He now spends nearly 24 hours a day in a dog crate surrounded by other dogs in crates that seem to bark nonstop, which is an added stress. Once my new friend, Chris Donevant-Haines, and I became aware of his situation Chris jumped into action and contacted the Dalmatian Rescue of Southwest Virginia in Roanoke and Missy Davisson reached out to her friends at Carolina Boxer Rescue to see if we could get Jake to Virginia to start a new life with a loving family.

He didn’t deserve to be dumped at the shelter after spending two years as an ambassador for safety on behalf of the Myrtle Beach Fire Department. Chris got the Dalmatian rescue group to agree to take him and obtained the necessary paperwork within 24 hours to make it official and Missy Davisson’s Carolina Boxer Rescue volunteers agreed to assist with his transport. A Va. foster family will take care of him until he finds a forever home.

I think that the Myrtle Beach Fire Department should know that 12 people who had never laid eyes on this dog cared more for him and his welfare than the people he had spent the last two years with. You can bet the next time I see a local fireman asking for my financial help for causes close to their heart I’ll politely inform them that my donation will be going to the Grand Strand Humane Society in honor of Jake the Dalmatian instead.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.