Letters to the Editor

DMV was actually a good experience

Recently, I went to the DMV/TAX office at Highway 57 in Little River to perform a mission which included changing the title information on two vehicles, paying the taxes on them and replacing my wife’s driver’s license. The laminate was peeling off her license, but I suspect she wanted a replacement to show her correct poundage as she just lost 90 pounds.

My complaint, being from the north, is that when senior citizens gather they exchange DMV horror stories of long waits, rude and incompetent personnel. We completed our mission in 35 minutes, because the personnel were competent, polite and efficient. They have taken away my DMV complaint story. When I told the senior group of my pleasant experience they say that it is boring.

Well, I’ll continue to praise the Little River people. Keep up the good work and I’ll find something else to complain about.

The writer lives in Little River.