Letters to the Editor

Dogs don’t belong in pickup beds

Re July 23 article, “Facebook reconnects dog, worried owner”

The article referred to Beauregard, a dog owned by a Conway City Councilman by the name of Tom Anderson. It seems that Beauregard found himself on the ground at the intersection of U.S. 501 and French Collins Road, after falling out of the back of a pickup truck driven by the councilman.

That would be bad enough, but this was not the first time Beauregard experienced this situation.

I wonder what intellect Mr. Anderson used before putting the dog in the back of the truck. Obviously Beauregard didn’t remember his last fall, but I am pretty sure Mr. Anderson did. I can only imagine what could have happen to the poor dog if a good Samaritan had not picked him up. I find it absurd that anyone in his right mind would put any animal in the back of a pickup truck, although I see it being done often. What makes it even more absurd, is that this action was done by someone in Mr. Anderson’s position. I only hope that his decisions as a councilman are a little more intelligent.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.